ASEAN stands for Association of Southeast Asian Nations

This organization gathers 10 countries from South-East Asia, and 2 observers.

It aims at developing the economy of the region, the culture standing, social progress, peace and stability.

Together, these countries have 600 million people, and a GDP of USD 2.15 Trillion.

IMF estimate the GDP in 2016 to be 3.34 Trillion. This shows the rapid development of the region and the success of ASEAN.

As a comparison, European Union represent a GDP of 17.5 Trillion.



The ASEAN Emblem represents a stable, peaceful, united and dynamic ASEAN. The colours of the Emblem — blue, red, white and yellow — represent the main colours of the state crests of all the ASEAN Member States

The blue represents peace and stability. Red depicts courage and dynamism, white shows purity and yellow symbolises prosperity.

The stalks of padi in the centre of the Emblem represent the dream of ASEAN’s Founding Fathers for an ASEAN comprising all the countries in Southeast Asia, bound together in friendship and solidarity.

The circle represents the unity of ASEAN.